We provide a national flat pack assembly service and have people all over the UK who can help you with your assembler needs.

We have been trading since 2004 and have an unrivalled wealth of assembly experience. With a full training programme and manual we are simply good at what we do. Please visit our website to see hundreds of genuine testimonials.

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Furniture Assembly Service - high quality
  • Very Quick and therefore cost effective

Serviced Areas

  • Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, Cumbria and Yorkshire

Payment Options

  • Cash, Online Bank Transfer, Cards, PayPal, We do not accept cheques anymore

Contact Details

  City Stockport
  Postcode SK3 0NN
  Address 7 Dane Ave
  Phone Number 079 2997 5809

Products & Services

Furniture Assembly Service

We assemble all types of flat pack furniture.

From Our Website

We have ordered disposable gloves and at some point next week (16/03), all of our assemblers will be wearing a new pair for each job. 1 Please open a window and close the door in the room where we will be working 30-60 minutes before we arrive, and switch off the heating in there. We prefer bank transfer, but if you are paying by cash please place the cash in an envelope. UPDATE 21/03: Assemblers who have been unable to secure gloves, will use hand sanitising gell before and after each job. If we can't get this we will ask to use your facilities to wash our hands before and after our work.

Flat Pack Amigos was formed in late 2004 after several months planning and test trading. The aim was to set up a national network of flat pack assemblers to assist those that can't or don't want to assemble furniture themselves. Unpact Ltd started assembling flat pack furniture in 2001 building a solid foundation and good reputation in a fledgling industry with a network of eight assemblers covering the major conurbations of the UK. After three years Unpact ceased trading at the end of 2004, and if you click on www.unpact.co.uk you will reach another website we run.

We basically assemble anything that is flat packed for use in the home. Whilst it tends to be the bigger heavier items such as large wardrobes, we will build everything from furniture to gym equipment and so on. DELIVERY - We recommend you read this article on delivery, as many suppliers fall short in this area. Below is a list of popular items and suppliers with some additonal information about their products and our approach to them. We do not normally install kitchens. Specialist tools are required for the work top and also you need to work around other trades and the way the FPA service is set up we cannot be waiting for other trades to complete their tasks.

We started in 2004 and have often innovated in the industry and have done a number of things to set us apart from our competition. Once they have completed the training and our vetting process, we gently lead them into our company with small simple jobs to build their experience of the way we work and our expectations. On bigger more complicated jobs one of our senior assemblers will lead them through how to do the work properly. We will never send someone out who does not know what they are doing.