Flat pack help and advice is a website that specialsies in providing assistance and advice when ordering flat pack furniture. Furniture is an expensive and irregular purchase for many people and planning is generally a good idea, whether it is meauring up properly or having the right expectation regarding the delivery. First impressions count and if the delivery does not go smoothly then frustration and exasperation get set in.

Once you have received the goods, the site contains tips and tricks regarding assembly. The most important of which is again having the right expectation, what tools do you require and how long will it take? Some items can take a lot longer than you might think. The website provides comprehensive information regarding all of these stages.

Many manufacturers supply instructions which are basic and probably not detailed enough for some people. With some products the site provides more detailed instructions to help you tackle the job right first time. The list is contantly being expanded.

If all else fails there are real people you can email or phone for further help whether it be direct advice or physical assistance!

The site has been developed based on four years of commercial experience assembling flat pack furniture and the problems that have been encountered along the way and typcial bugbears that people come across time and time again.

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From Our Website

Flat Pack Advice has been developed to offer impartial and objective help and advice regarding assembling flat pack furniture. Originally I noticed a niche in the market for an assembly service, however there also appears to be a niche for advice and help for the embattled person weary of their flat pack plight! Most of the experience has been gained from assembling furniture for private and commercial customers over the past four years. I still assemble furniture for people in the North of England via my sister site Flat Pack Assemblers and am therefore aware of the current changes in the market and product available.